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Leadership Announcement

A phrase I’ll often share with clients is, “Thank you for the opportunity. We’re appreciative of the role our team plays in helping you be successful, and grateful for your continued trust.” It may seem, on the surface, to sound overly deferential or fluffy, but I firmly believe that appreciation, trust and love sum up what it takes to live HDMZ’s mission.


What are HDMZers listening to?

Keeping up with advancements in the life sciences and biotech world can be daunting, especially as we try to manage our screen time in an era of remote work. Podcasts allow us to stay engaged while doing the dishes, knitting, or going on a much needed walk.


What We're Reading - December 2021 Edition

HDMZers have a thirst for knowledge by nature. It’s part of our brand. Take a look at what some of our team members picked up last month!


HDMZ is Great Place to Work Certified!

HDMZ has been officially awarded Great Place to Work Certification! The prestigious award is based entirely on what current employees say about their experience working at HDMZ. See why 96% of employees said it’s a great place to work!


What We're Reading

HDMZers have a thirst for knowledge by nature. It’s part of our brand. Take a look at what some of our team members have been picking up recently!


51/49: The Almost-equal Partnership for Long-term Relationships

Think about the healthiest, most mature personal relationships you’ve ever had. What do they have in common? Find out why HDMZ believes in the 51/49 rule for client relationships.


DIY or Hosting with HDMZ?

Your company website deserves optimal hosting conditions, speed, and the highest security standards. Learn why a DIY hosting solution isn’t enough, and what HDMZ’s team offers.

Digital Solutions

Google’s Passage Ranking is Live: What to Watch For

Google has released its passage-based ranking algorithms to the wild in the US for English language searches. Read on for how this new ranking methodology works and what to watch for.


4 Ways to Engage HCPs in 2021

With dramatic shifts in the healthcare ecosystem, marketers have shifted efforts across channels and tactics. Read on for 4 strategies to engage MDs, PAs, and NPs from the latest MM&M eBook, “Engaging the HCP.”

Digital Advertising

Why It’s Important To Live Your Brand’s Purpose, Every Day

Given the challenges of the past year, fostering a stronger sense of purpose has become increasingly important for everyone. See HDMZ's take on how that includes the way brands contribute to the greater good.